The Ninja Blender Parts You Need and Where to Find Them

You can expect your Ninja blender to last with good maintenance. But sometimes, life happens, and you might need to replace your Ninja blender parts sooner than you expected to. Ninja blenders come with a lifetime warranty for products purchased from the Ninja website, protecting against flaws due to material or workmanship.

Unfortunately, this warranty does not extend to the normal wear and tear for parts like blending vessels, blades, or lids. Luckily, replacing Ninja blender parts is pretty straightforward. It just takes a little research to find the right parts for what you need.

Where Can You Get Ninja Blender Parts?

If you find that you need to buy additional Ninja blender parts, the best place to check is the Ninja website. There is a section of the site that allows you to shop for parts and accessories. You can also find Ninja blender parts online at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Main Blender Parts

Every Ninja blender ships with some essential parts, most notably the base, blades, and blending container. But what do you do if you lose a part or if it breaks? Fortunately, most parts are pretty easy to replace.

Every full-sized Ninja blender comes with a pitcher. The pitcher is a large container that comes with a lid and houses the blade assembly.

The personal-sized Ninja blenders come with cups that vary in size between eighteen and twenty-four ounces.

Pitchers run between $70 and $80 online, depending on the model. You can purchase Ninja blender pitchers on the Ninja website or Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond,

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Some Ninja blenders also come with twenty-four-ounce cups. These cups have a blade assembly that screws onto the top for blending. It can be irritating to lose one. But replacing it is easier than you might think.

Cups run between $20 and $30 online, depending on the type of cup. You can find Ninja blender cups for sale on the Ninja website or Amazon and Walmart.

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Ninja blenders include lids for their pitchers and cups. Some models pitcher lids have a small opening in the top that allows you to add ingredients during the blending process. Losing your blender lid can be a real pain. Can you imagine trying to make that smoothie without one? But if you lose it, or, in the unlikely event that it breaks, can you buy a replacement? Yes, you can!

Lids run between $35 and $45 online, depending on the type. You can find Ninja blender lids on the Ninja website or Amazon and Blender Parts USA.

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The blade assembly is probably the most important part of the blender. It's the that turns and does the chopping. In pitchers, the blade assembly goes into the pitcher, attaching to the bottom of the pitcher interior. For cups, the blade assembly screws onto the top of the cup which is then inverted onto the motor base. The blade assembly is the heart of the whole operation. And if it breaks? Well, good thing it's easily replaced.

Blade replacements will cost between $20 and $25 online, depending on the model. You can purchase Ninja blender blades on the Ninja website or Amazon.

No products found.

No products found.

Ninja blenders all have a base that houses the motor and controls the blending functions. Sometimes that will go as well, either from age or use. You can replace this as well, for between $155 and $165, depending on the model. A good place to find replacement Ninja blender bases is Amazon.


Can you replace all those nifty accessories, as well as the primary functioning components? Yes, you can. Here's the how, the where, and, most importantly, the how much.

Ninja tamper

A tamper is a long tool that fits in the blender lid. A blender blade can sometimes push food to the sides of the container. When this happens, the food may not blend properly. The tamper tool allows you to safely drive the food back into the center of the container to mix more thoroughly.

You can purchase Ninja blender tampers for $11.95 on the Ninja website.

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Smaller parts are also available for Ninja blender and food processor systems. These parts include anti-spill rings and splash guards for blender containers and non-slip rings for blender base stability.

Blender Parts USA is a great place to find all those small, strange little parts that you don't really notice until you need them. They have gasket replacements, splash guards, and more.

Why Would You Need Replacement Ninja Blender Parts?

When you unwrap that new blender, it's hard to think that anything might ever go wrong. But things do go wrong. That's why you have a new blender, right? And when they do, you may be glad you have some spare parts on hand.

Broken or Lost

As careful as you may be, sometimes a piece of your blender goes missing in the kitchen. Or perhaps particular piece may have broken or worn out. Being able to special order your missing Ninja blender parts allows you to replace these parts without having to go out to buy a new blender.

Additional parts

Sometimes you may opt to buy a Ninja blender model that only comes with a pitcher but is still compatible with a single serve tumbler or cup. In this case, you can buy the cup separately. There may be situations where it is just convenient to have more than one cup or pitcher available to use.

How To Use

It is essential to use your replacement Ninja blender parts safely. This will save you time, money, frustration and possibly injury. Before you install your new parts, always review how each piece is designed to work and how to assemble it correctly.

Check compatibility

Whenever ordering Ninja blender parts, double-check that the parts you order are compatible with your blender model. Ninja blender parts on the manufacturer’s website have a “Works with these models” link. Clicking this link will show you the pictures and model numbers compatible with the part.

To find the model number of your Ninja blender, you can check the box your blender came in. The model number is typically near the barcode.

If you no longer have your box, check the base of the blender which houses the motor. You should find a rating label that includes your model number.

Pitchers and Cups

To use a pitcher, attach the appropriate blade attachment to the bottom inside of the pitcher. Place the pitcher on your blender’s motor base with the handle facing you. Then turn the pitcher to the right or left to lock it into place.

For cups, screw the appropriate blade attachment to the bottom of the cup. Invert the cup so that the blade attachment can connect to the base. To use, review the instructions for your particular Ninja blender model as the fitting may vary between models.

After blending, remove the cup from the blender. Turn right side up and then remove the blade attachment. If you are planning to drink from the cup, screw on the fitting lid.


Lids need to be fitted onto their appropriate pitcher or lid. Check your pitcher or cup to ensure that you have chosen the right lid.

For pitcher lids, align the pitcher lid with the top of the pitcher and press down. Use the snaps on the side to lock it into place. The center of the pitcher lid also has a removable center assembly. You may remove this to add ingredients while blender is operating.

For cup lids, screw the lid onto the top of the cup.


Blades positioning will vary depending on whether you are placing the blade in a pitcher or a cup.

If using a pitcher, the blade assembly will go inside the pitcher. Refer to your manual for the exact positioning on your particular model.

If using a cup, the blade assembly will screw onto the top of the cup.


Place the motor base on a sturdy, flat surface like a counter. Be sure to position it close to an electrical outlet to ensure safe operations. Consult your manual for particular operation instructions for your motor base controls.


Only use the tamper attachment with a pitcher. To use the tamper, remove the center lid opening. Place the tamper in the lid. Use the tamper to move any food that has been pushed to the sides into the center to aid in even blending.

Blending It Together

Ninja blender parts make it easy to replace or improve your current Ninja blender. Having extra parts available can make using your blender that much easier and convenient. Don't get caught short! Sometimes having a few key spare parts in the drawer when you need them can make all the difference.

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