You buy your blender with high hopes about making all kinds of creative concoctions. After a few rounds of smoothies or frozen cocktails, your new gadget ends up sitting – taking up counter space or worse, ends up under the counter with your juicer and that fancy crockpot Aunt Martha bought you as a wedding present.

I’m Tammy Albright, chief editor at In Your Blender, and I believe your blender deserves a spot front and center in your kitchen.

Here at In Your Blender, you’ll find a whole host of ideas and recipes you can make in your blender. You’ll learn about the best blender to buy for your needs, and most importantly you’ll never have to neglect your mixer again.

My team and I have searched and tested these combos and information to bring you the best of the best, so you only have to go to one place go. Right here.

Why should you listen to us?

Because we’ve been there. Because our own blenders have had their fair share of time in the gadget graveyard. We believe in real ingredients and think that your road to healthy is just a few buttons away. Think about it. You, spinach, berries, milk, and a frozen banana. BOOM. Loads of nutrition in four minutes. Easy peasy.

We’re short on time, you’re short on time, and none of us want our kitchen tools sitting there collecting dust.

At In Your Blender, we’re committed to helping you in your kitchen. We care about your time, and we care about your health, so we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest blender information and food ideas. Take our plans as they are, build on them to experiment, or both! If you discover different recipes that you love, come back and share. We love comments because they help build a community and that’s what we want for you.

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